by Yag-Kosha

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released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Yag-Kosha Kempen, Germany

fuck NSBM.

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Track Name: Charles Le Sorcier
the toppling towers
the sagging floor
worm-eaten wainscots
a fallen grandeur

a child was born
unhappy and accursed
a shade of melancholy
a youth in isolation

"May ne'er a noble of thy murd'rous line
Survive to reach a greater age than thine"

in a catacomb
in a medieval tunic
speaking in a rumbling voice
a debased form of latin

"Can you not guess my secret? Have you no brain whereby you may recognize the will which has through six long centuries fulfilled the dreadful curse upon the house? Have I not told you of the great elixier of eternal life? Know you not how the secret of Alchemy was solved? I tell you, it is I! I! I! that have lived for six hundred years to maintain my revenge, for I am Charles Le Sorcier!"
Track Name: Agrippa
The moon was in her full
the winds were paralytic
the fountains were mute

I saw coming out of a grot
a tall and venerable old man
cloathed in white
with a swarty face
his eyebrows thick and long
a wall and frightfull eye

his beard thrown over his shoulder
on his head a hat of verveine
on his neck a collar set with seven precious stones

he wrote the names
of the demons of wisdom,
of the age, of the year,
the season, the month,
the week, the day and the hour
and thus he began

He did hardly stirr his lips, neverthelesse I heard in his throat a humming, as of many voices mixt together: He was raised from the ground about a palm, and ever now and then he would fix his eyes upon the nail of his left fore-finger; his face was much inflamed, and he more disquieted. After many gastfull contortions, groaning, he fell on his knees; but no sooner had he pronounc’d three words of a certain prayer, but he became more strong than a man, and without wagging, stood the monstrous shock of a most horrible wind, that blowed against him, sometimes in sudden blasts, and sometimes like a whirlwind; this wind seem’d to endeavour, to make him go out of the Circles. After this, the three Circles went round under him, there followed a storm of hail as red as blood, and this gave place to a fourth much more terrible; ‚twas a torrent of fire, that cracked as it turned round, and divided it self into globes, each of which burst in pieces, with great claps of thunder.

I teach old women to cure a fever by words
I teach the witches to take the form of wolves
I teach the Necromancers to destroy their enemies
I teach how to break the charmes of a person bewitched

I treat them splendidly but give them no salt to their meat
and if any stranger gives god thanks
I cause all the things to vanish
and leave him 500 miles from his own home
in a desert full of nettles and thornes

I make the fairies to dance by the moonlight
I command spirits to haunt the old castles
I cause the thieves to burn candles of dead mens grease

I am the Divel of Vauvert
and the great huntsman of Fountain-Bleau Forest

I am the Divel of Vauvert
and the great huntsman of Fountain-Bleau Forest
Track Name: Nightcrawler
catching thieves in the night
feasting on their tasty blood
cursed in all eternity
not an angel not a god
bless yourself beware of me

swarming out to catch me
crucifying the posessed
burning the witches
I put them to test

they will never get me
for they don‘t understand who I am
for they don‘t understand what I am


bloodlust and sin
bigger than you can comprehend
the evil in me
is infinity
Track Name: A Tale Of Immortality
The tale of a boy
born as an immortal
growing up in wilderness
meeting all new humans
everyone‘s so kind
everything‘s so happy

seeing all the change
giving up his friends
learning mighty spells

instructed in the ways
shown a world beneath
what if he could have seen?

But then the men came
in their silly robes
demanding there can only be one god
burning everything he had

he questioned his own sanity
is that what he lived for?
Darkness craved his heart
and he remembered the dark curses from his master
and he summonded the demons of the four winds
and he prepared for his vengeance

the land hitten by plagues
blood raining from the sky
churches burning to ashes
no one to escape the slaughter

for every man
ten new arrived
no more a sense of guilt

the tale of a boy
born as an immortal

seeing all the change
seeing his own death